Are Electronic Cigarettes And Vaping Harmful To Your Health?

Several years ago a new product was introduced in the United States that would eliminate some of the harmful side effects of smoking traditional cigarettes. The product is electronic cigarettes, also known as the smokeless cigarette, smokeless cigs, etc, and it utilizes an atomizer which heats the battery powered device and creates a vapor. The harmless vapor is then inhaled by the user, and this is being called 'vaping'.

The electronic cigarette is a device that gives a smoker the sensation of smoking, without inhaling all the other known carcinogens. The positive aspect of electronic cigarettes is that they are not lit like a conventional cigarette. This eliminates many of the negative aspects of tobacco cigarettes such as the second hand smoke, ashes, odor and the effects of the smoke from the cancer causing chemicals given off by regular cigarettes.

Is Vaping Harmful for Your Health....
or Is It Cutting Into Tobacco Profits?

Electronic cigarettes are a battery operated device that contain nicotine but they do not contain other ingredients inherent in tobacco cigarettes that cause health problems. Conventional cigarettes contain about 60 carcinogens that do damage not only to the person smoking, but by the effect of second hand smoke, to those nearby.

Is vaping harmful? Although electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine, the battery operated device helps the cigarette smoker by providing a delivery system that is much less dangerous than tobacco cigarettes, thereby eliminating many of the harmful effects to the environment. It also addresses the important issue of eliminating second hand smoke, a welcome relief to the smoker's friends and family.

Electronic Smoking And The FDA

The curious effect of the attempted ban of the electronic smokeless cigarette is that the FDA is taking a hands off approach in regards to conventional cigarettes. The FDA has stated that after testing 18 electronic cigarette cartridges, they discovered one cartridge from one brand contained diethylene glycol, a humectant. The carcinogen is found in all conventional cigarettes.

It is odd that the FDA would become involved with this product, but their approach to conventional cigarettes is not as aggressive. In the FDA's warnings issued regarding electric cigarettes, they made special note of the ingredient discovered in the one cartridge discovered in the test. The ingredient, diethylene glycol, was singled out by the FDA as an ingredient in anti freeze.

What the FDA failed to point out was that diethylene glycol is included in many products used everyday by the public. Diethylene glycol can be found in mouthwash, toothpaste, dog food and wine, among hundreds of other products consumed by United States citizens on a daily basis.
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  1. The FDA will try and ban them, but it wont happen! To many people are using them now! E cigs are the best thing to happen ever, and to ban them now will just put people back to smoking, its just the media putting bad stuff about e cigs, as they are probably paid by the tobacco companies! Seriously anyone against e cigs has some serious issues! Long live vaping.


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